Martini 991 Speedster

Recently, we had the pleasure of upgrading this beautiful 991 Speedster! While this car is a beauty and a blast to drive, it was lacking in the sound department, so we developed the GMG Racing Speedster Exhaust System. We’ve taken signature design, used for our Porsche 991.1 & .2 GT3 WC Center Section Exhaust, and and combined it with the new factory exhaust layout used on the all new 991.2 Speedster to re-create our signature sound.

In addition to giving this car a better sound, we also gave it a little make over! When installed a set of custom Gunther Werks GW9 Fuchs 20”/21” wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and a did a custom designed Martini livery, based on the customer’s vision! You’d think there would be a major loss in ride quality with this 20”/21” setup, but the car feels fantastic, especially with our signature GMG Competition Setup!