GMG Racing’s BMW service and performance tuning department stands unrivaled. Harnessing the most advanced factory tools and employing factory-trained technicians. GMG Racing’s depth of experience and historical involvement with BMW, particularly the M series, is unmatched nationwide.
GMG Racing specializes in the enhancement and tuning of BMW vehicles, with a particular focus on the high-performance M series. As an authorized dealer and technology partner with leading industry companies, GMG Racing develops, and collaborates closely with BMW to ensure seamless integration and superior performance.
Leveraging advanced technology, experience, and knowledge gained from our involvement in professional racing, GMG Racing introduces race-proven upgrades to your BMW, especially the M series, enhancing both its aesthetics and driving performance. These modifications are meticulously designed to elevate your vehicle beyond mere power enhancements, refining it for the ultimate driving experience.

Professional Services


GMG Racing is honored to be the premier independent BMW service facility on the West Coast, delivering comprehensive routine maintenance and service for BMW vehicles, with a special emphasis on the esteemed M series. We are more than just a top-tier race facility; we are a holistic, all-encompassing dealership alternative.

Our expertise covers all modern BMW models, including the iconic M series variants like M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, as well as the X5M, X6M, and not excluding the classics and rarities such as the BMW M1 and the latest technological marvels like the i8.

Boasting over 25 years of automotive prowess – with 15 of those years spent at BMW/Audi dealerships – our service manager offers unparalleled expertise and a concierge level of service to all our clients. Our technicians, all factory-trained, possess a combined experience of over 50 years in servicing and maintaining BMWs. This broad and profound experience spans from everyday driver vehicles to the GMG Racing fleet of competition BMWs that participate in professional racing series, championships, and events nationwide. All services utilize the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and genuine BMW parts and fluids, guaranteeing the preservation of your manufacturer’s warranty.

Factory Services Offered:

  • Scheduled maintenance and service tasks from basic oil changes to comprehensive major services.
  • Diagnostic operations to resolve drivability issues, performance dips, and intermittent problems.
  • A full spectrum of mechanical repairs including 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90k factory-recommended service intervals.
  • Major engine repairs such as valve jobs, head gaskets, reseals, and more.
    Complete engine rebuilds for all BMW vehicles, including the M series, from vintage models to the present.
  • GMG specializes in M series, including M3, M4, and M5, engine factory rebuilds, overhauls, and performance upgrades.
  • Transmission servicing and rebuilding for both manual and automatic systems, including limited-slip differential servicing and enhancements.
  • Suspension repairs, component replacements, upgrades, and custom alignments tailored for performance driving.
  • Brake services and repairs ranging from straightforward pad and rotor changes to complex brake system upgrades.

    Equipped with BMW-specific specialty tools and the latest diagnostic equipment, GMG Racing’s technicians are uniquely positioned to maintain and repair your BMW model. Diagnostic procedures utilize the most current information from BMW, enriched by our years of hands-on experience with these vehicles.

    BMWs from the mid-90s onward are serviced using BMW’s factory ISTA and other proprietary diagnostic tools. All equipment and procedures are regularly updated in alignment with BMW’s latest standards, ensuring cutting-edge service up to the newest models.


    GMG Racing proudly partners with Beissbarth, a leader in alignment technology used by top automobile manufacturers including BMW, ensuring access to exclusive, advanced alignment capabilities since 2004. Beissbarth’s alignment equipment is renowned for its precision and versatility, catering to both standard and modified vehicle specifications.
    Whether your BMW is factory-spec and needs an alignment, or it’s been modified and requires specialized attention to minimize tire wear, our technicians will precisely adjust your suspension geometry to meet either standard or custom requirements.

    Our exceptional level of equipment and technician training positions GMG Racing as the go-to facility for dealers and other shops in Southern California for outsourcing their most challenging alignment jobs. GMG Racing becomes the preferred choice when other services fail to meet specifications or encounter vehicles modified beyond the reach of standard alignment machines.

    For customers seeking track-optimized alignments, GMG Racing provides specialized services, including rake setting, ride height adjustments, corner balancing, and more, tailored to enhance your BMW’s performance on and off the track.