GMG specializes in the performance tuning of Porsche automobiles. GMG is an authorized dealer and technological partner with many of the industry leading companies and we also engineer, develop and manufacture our own line of performance products and wheels under the GMG World Challenge and LMS lines. With the technology, experience, and knowledge transferred from our professional race program, these upgrades will further refine will further refine your road going vehicle.

GMG is a leading installer and tuner of standalone engine management systems from Motec, Link, and AIM. As a development partner with GIAC, we can go beyond the ECU reflashing offered by most shops and, instead, perform a custom calibrated software tune for your specific vehicle with your specific hardware.

Using our Mustang 500SE 2WD and 4WD chassis dynamometer housed in a sound proof cell, our dyno test cell is capable of producing a controlled environment and proper airflow to simulate all road and race conditions. The end result is a properly calibrated tune whether you are running a stock style ECU or a complete independent standalone ECU. GMG’s dyno cell has been used by today’s leading automobile manufacturers and top tuners as well as military contractors due to its real world performance figures and unsurpassed repeatability.

GMG offers a concierge service based around a driver’s particular needs for each tuning project. Our staff is trained and well-versed in the needs of a particular driver and his or her intended use of the vehicle. Unlike most shops that sell parts out of a catalogue, GMG brand specialists have firsthand experience with the products, services and results involved around each vehicle modification. No two individuals are alike so no two vehicles are tuned the same way at GMG.