GMG features a state of the art Mustang AWD 500SE Chassis Dynamometer with a sound proof environmental control test cell. Our test cell is a state of the art unit, which offers unparalleled repeatability and consistency. The Mustang 500 SE is an Eddy Current dyno, which has a 1500 wheel horsepower maximum measurement capacity in 2WD and 2500 wheel horsepower maximum measurement capacity in AWD. The Mustang 500 SE is also very safe on the drive train of an AWD car due to the synchronization of the front and rear wheel speeds, so, there is no chance of damage to the center differential. This is possible thanks to a drive belt connecting the front and rear rollers, a proprietary design of the 500SE. When the dyno is in 2WD, the clutch is set accordingly so the rear wheels spin independently of the front. With the Mustang 500 SE, we can also test 2WD cars that have very sensitive traction control systems. We can also test 2WD cars in AWD mode if we encounter a 2WD car that will disable the car if it doesn’t sense the front wheels spinning in sequence with the rears.

At the heart of the test cell are two 10 HP fans with a combined flow of 70,000 CFM. These two 10 HP fans extract exhaust gasses out of the test cell, while bringing fresh outside air in, creating a realistic driving scenario. The test cell is also insulated, so while a car is being run on the dyno, it is not disrupting the other aspects of our shop. With this sophisticated equipment we can test and tune any 2wd or 4wd vehicle in the market today. Although GMG specializes in Porsche, Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini, our Dynamometer is available to be rented for tuning and testing purposes by the hour or by the day for any vehicle including cars and trucks, gasoline or diesel powered.

GMG currently works with several OE and OEM manufactures testing various products and systems. So regardless of the vehicle our test cell is the highest grade of equipment available to test, tune and verify your vehicles performance.

Dyno rental is available by the hour or by the day/week.

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*Includes test cell, three horsepower pulls, wideband for air/fuel ratio and boost if applicable. A vehicle owner can learn a lot from the dyno. Other then the obvious information like horsepower and torque, the owner can see how smooth the power band is, what air/fuel ratio he is running at 100% throttle, and (if applicable) what boost they are at every RPM. With this information you can analyze many things the cars doing. For example, you can look at what air/fuel ratio the car runs when at full boost.


For tuning of race vehicles, please call our shop directly at 714-432-1582. We do not offer custom tuning on road-going vehicles.