Porsche 918 Spyder (Carbon Additions)

This 918 Spyder represents Porsche’s current halo car.  It is a true hypercar, however, it can still be improved upon.  We went ahead and emphasized the car’s aggressive nature by replacing most of the plastic parts with carbon fiber.  In addition to the carbon fiber, subtle exterior changes were made.  In the end we have a beautiful blend of factory finesse and aftermarket tasteful personalization.

Porsche 918 Spyder (Carbon Additions)
GMG Performance Alignment
Porsche Magnesium Weissach Wheels, Pirelli Trofeo-R Tires
GMG SkidPlates, Carbonfiber Rear Wing, Carbonfiber Rear Winglets, Carbonfiber side mirrors, Carbonfiber roof panels, Xpell Stealth Protective Film
Carbonfiber/Alcantara Steering Wheel, Carbon fiber steering column covers, Carbon Fiber Trim, Carbon Fiber Extended Paddle Shifters