Lamborghini Hurucan

The new Lamborghini Hurucan sets the new standard for Lamborghini. Truly a supercar you can drive everyday. We’ve performed some subtle yet effective modifications to this Hurucan, starting with the exhaust. Our GMG Sport Exhaust system increases power up to 25 hp and saves approx 50 lbs of weight while improving throttle response throughout the entire rev range.The factory exhaust note is muted at best and really does not justice to the V10 engines ability.. The GMG sport exhaust system offers a sound that would be at home at LeMans but is also comfortable around town with no drone in the cabin.. The exhaust note changes in all 3 performance modes of the engine Strada, Sport and Corsa.

The GMG spec Hurucan raises the bar to a new level…

Road car meets stealth fighter.

Lamborghini Hurucan
GMG Sport Exhaust System
Novitec Rosso lowering spring kit with set up and ride height by GMG
ADV1 Forged Front 20" Rear 21" Tires Pirelli PZero
Lamborghini Carbon Ceramic
Vorsteiner Rear Wing. Matte Black wrap. All windows tinted
Steering wheel - Custom from Ma Carbon