Fab 996 gt2

Fab 996 gt2
GMG power kit includes GMG spec turbo’s, GMG intercoolers, GMG Sport Exhaust with center exit, Custom GIAC software, Hitachi Ma conversion, GMG headers, Larger injectors, GMG fuel system upgrade, Gearbox – Modified to spec, OS Gyken GMG World Challenge LSD, Cup car shifter and cables , GMG Sachs Race Engineering clutch kit
GMG sway bar set 5 adjustable front and 4 way adjustable rear, GMG RSR style thrust arms, GMG lower control arm bearings, GMG front and rear bump/toe steer kits, GMG adjustable sway bar end links
Magnesium Forged 18x9 and 18x12
Stoptech DRK kits with Endless pads
GMG Wicker, GMG rear center exit bumper conversion
GMG RSR Roll bar, GT2 Club Sport seats with seat backs painted white