Lamborghini N-Largo

MSRP of base car before upgrades: $263,195.00

Novitec Torado Features:
Body kit including: $43,500.00
Front bumper, rear bumper, rear- diffusor, fender front left and right, rear side parts left and right,
Inner-fenders for front and rear, set of side panels (all body-parts are made by Carbon-fiber, primed)
Optional: cover front-strut and rear-diffusor in visible Carbon
Surcharge: $6,100.00
Trunk lid with air-ducts as replacement for the original one, supports the negative lift
with visible carbon $7,970.00
Mirror Covers, Visible Carbon $1,440.00
Air-intake side windows (extended compared to the original ones)
Replacement for the original air-intakes, for better air-supply. Visible Carbon $1,970.00
Rear wing N-LARGO Visible Carbon $9,390.00

Roof-air-scoop only for cars with glass-bonnet
Supports the air-ventilation of the engine compartment, visible Carbon $4,520.00
Engine bonnet N-LARGO (only for cars original without glass-bonnet)
Visible Carbon $8,040.00
Cover for engine compartment
Visible Carbon (for cars original with glass-bonnet) $3,490.00
Installation of Body Kit with prep and paint: $25,000.00
Sport Spring Set- for lowering, in combination with standard suspension, for cars without MAGNETO damper $1,750.00
Installation of Springs combined with a Ride Height, Corner Weight and Alignment: $2,250.00
NL2 Forged Wheels: 9,0J x 20J for front axle anthracite $2,380.00 each
12,5J x 21J for rear axle anthracite $3,180 each
GMG Sport Exhaust System: GMG designs all of our exhaust systems with our race proven technology. Our LP 610-4 system utilizes only the highest grade T-304 stainless steel with hand fabricated single pass-through mufflers and a “valve-delete” giving the Huracan a much more aggressive sound that our discerning Lamborghini clients have been begging for! $4,900.00

GIAC Software: $3,176.00
1. Properly recalibrated air/fuel ratios
2. Improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel
3. Optimized torque control for smoother part throttle power control and faster shifting
4. Raised speed limiters to factory redline in final drive gear
5. Dramatic improvements in power under the curve, gaining as much as 40 horsepower in some areas

Clear Marker Lights: $350.00
Complete Expel ClearBra Protection by Protective Film Solutions and Expel Windshield Protection: $3500.00
Total Build Cost: $401,660.00