Join Us For GMG Racing’s Annual Open House!

Join us! On February 28th, we will be hosting our Annual Open House event at our 30,000+ Sq. Ft. facility located in Santa Ana, California. This event is a chance to learn more about us, our shop, and our philosophy about selling what we race. Both the Street and Racing shops will be open, with an ample display of our tuned supercars, as well as our Audi and Porsche race cars.

Features will include:

  • Presenting our team introduction for the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Championship.
  • Get an intimate tour of our expansive 30,000 Square Ft. motorsport and performance tuning facility.
  • Meet with our technology partners and get a chance to talk to reps from leading motorsport companies.
  • Check out the latest performance upgrades for your street car from today’s leading companies.
  • Check out the latest GMG product developments and offerings.
  • GMG race cars will be on display, including the 2015 Audi R8 Ultra’s, Porsche GT3 Cup, RSR and GT3R models, and Lamborghini Super Trofeo race cars.
  • GMG tuned street cars from Porsche, Audi’s, Ferrari’s, BMW’s Lamborghini’s, McLaren and more.
  • Tour the GMG Race Trailers and get an opportunity to see the equipment the team uses throughout the year at the races throughout the country.

Over 25 of our leading vendors will be on hand to showcase their products and give you real insight straight from the manufacturer on upgrades for your car. In addition, they’ll all be raffling off products and giveaways throughout the day!

Ever wanted to meet the staff that is the beating heart of our race team? The Crew of our racing efforts will be on hand to ask any questions and give that ‘behind the scenes’ info that is sometimes hard to come by in the sport.

If you’ve been to one of our open houses’ before, you know that our (rather long) street turns into a virtual car show. We implore you to bring your best machinery out for display!

We’ll have some killer gourmet food trucks on-site, and international media coming in to cover the event.

Due to the size of the event and amount of people we expect, please arrive no earlier than 11:00 AM.

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2015 Open House! Join and share the event HERE!.

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